Stay Up & Fight

Music & Lyrics: Darlene Olson
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You say I like to nag a lot
While standing up here on my little hiss pot
But have you ever heard the nasty things you say to me
When we talk
You think that everything you do is up front
And its God’s Gospel truth
And anything that I say is just because
I want something from you

I lay in bed, I toss and turn and wait for you
To come into the room
And when you climb into the bed, I lay real still
And try hard not to move
Even when my legs begin to tingle and go numb,
I lay still
Oh, I stay in that position
Cause I won’t give you the satisfaction

Well I’ve had my share of flying fur
And sleepless nights
This time I won’t go to bed
Cause I’m gonna stay up and fight


When money’s tight we always fight because I nag
And then you just complain
Especially when I tell you where the money’s gone
And then try to explain
You always find a way to make it seem like it’s just me
That’s causin’ hurt
You never see the little things I do
To try and always make it work


Tag: So why go to bed mad tonight
When all you gotta do is just stay up and fight
Stay up and fight Oh, Stay up and fight
Stay up and fight

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