Random Facts

  • Darlene is one of seven children; 3 girls, 4 boys.
  • Darlene’s favourite colours are: orange, red, and purple.
  • Darlene loves Bernard Callebaut chocolates, especially the ginger ones.
  • Darlene loves teaching children and has been directly involved in education since 1991.
  • Darlene is a knee slapper, you have been warned.
  • Darlene has one child, a daughter whom she loves dearly and is so proud of.
  • Darlene is a twin.
  • Darlene likes gardening.
  • She loves to cook and to experiment with her cooking
  • She writes music while she drives, so stay out of her lane!
  • Darlene likes to eat rice with ketchup, and enjoys bacon with syrup.

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